The claims Jesus claimed to be God. It might be hard to understand how this could be true, but it’s important to remember that God is much bigger and more powerful than we can comprehend. We do know that Jesus said He existed before Abraham (John 8:58). He claimed thatContinue Reading

God did not need us. Some people have said, “After creating our world and the animal life, God found Himself lonely, so He created man!” That’s a sweet and heart-warming sentiment, but it’s simply not true. God is independent of mankind. God does not need the rest of creation forContinue Reading

The way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ only. He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him.   The Bible declares that God “has set a day in which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth.” (Acts 17:31) ThisContinue Reading

Those who are wise in their own eyes, those who ignore daily instruction, those who otherwise pretend interest in Bible doctrine, are left to their own devices and to the success of their own efforts and to their own demise, which is certain, and totally caused by themselves. Therefore, GodContinue Reading